The Conversation US is hiring in Atlanta

We’re looking for two dynamic and experienced journalists to join The Conversation US team based in Atlanta.

Do you have a passion for communicating medical research and the latest debates on health policy? The new Health and Medicine Editor will cover a range of issues – from the emerging link between allergies and antibiotic overuse to Supreme Court decisions on Obamacare – to lead the Health and Medicine desk at The Conversation US.

Are you excited to get behind the political headlines and dig into the issues, whether it’s the latest ideas on the gun control debate or the history behind the recent wave of campus protests? The new Politics and Society Editor will contribute to The Conversation’s daily coverage of the latest academic research in political science, sociology and history as part of The Conversation US editorial team.


The Conversation US (TCUS) is an independent, nonprofit media organization that publishes news analysis and commentary written by academics, edited by journalists and aimed at the general public.

A team of professional editors works with scholars from universities across the U.S. to share their research and to apply their expertise to topical issues. All our content is published under a Creative Commons license: we promote the republication (for free) of our articles to other media organizations. Time, Newsweek, Quartz, The Washington Post and Fortune are among our regular republishers.

Launched in the U.S. in October 2014, The Conversation US joined The Conversation Australia (2011) and The Conversation UK (2013). The Conversation Africa launched in May of last year. Worldwide, The Conversation reaches an audience of more than 2.9 million unique readers a month and more than 29 million readers via Creative Commons republication.

The Conversation US Atlanta office will be based on the campus of Georgia State University.

For more background on The Conversation, please read this recent feature by Harvard’s Nieman Lab.

Find links to job descriptions here:

Health and Medicine Editor

Politics and Society Editor