Transgender Americans

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Transgender Americans

This week our collaborators at the PBS debate show Point Taken focus on gender rights.

New White House guidelines on sex discrimination have caused a backlash in a number of states and school districts. But, writing for The Conversation, Genny Beemyn of the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Stonewall Center argues that this won’t last long. Drawing a parallel to how both the law and social attitudes changed toward gay marriage, their point is that,

It took 15 years to bring about a sea change on same-sex marriage. Transgender equality nationwide is not only a matter of time, but it is likely to happen faster.

What do you think? Tune into your PBS station on Tuesday, May 24 at 11 p.m. EST/10 p.m. CST to hear more arguments on the issue – without the shouting. Make your voice heard on the Point Taken website by answering their poll question: “Is the U.S. Moving Too Quickly or Too Slowly on Gender Rights?”

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