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Senator Scott Ludlam said changes to arts funding will mean the minister will not need to publicly reveal funding recipients. True or false? AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

FactCheck: will the Arts Minister need to publicly disclose who he funds?

The Greens' Senator Scott Ludlam said changes to arts funding will mean arts minister George Brandis won't need to publicly disclose who he's funding. He said it's unbelievable -- but is it true?
We need to consider what balance we want to achieve between the heritage and contemporary arts. AAP Image/Julian Smith. Artists of the Australian Ballet rehearse for the The Dream.

Majors and the majority: planning for Australia’s artistic legacy starts now

Given the pressure being applied to the majority of people working in the arts sector, we would be foolish not to consider the roles and inherited rights of Australia's major performing companies.
The capricious nature of this government’s approach to arts funding promises very rich pickings. chiaralily

Beyond the inquiry: some notes on effective strategy to free the arts

A motion in favour of a Senate Inquiry into the establishment of a National Programme for Excellence in the Arts has been passed. What more can be done by those artists and arts organisations lobbying against unpopular changes to arts funding?
The evidence of cultural consumption and production in Australia does not bear out the claims made by Senator Brandis. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Philosophy vs evidence is no way to orchestrate cultural policy

What is the premise of recently-announced cuts to Australia Council funding, and the establishment of a National Programme for Excellence in the Arts? There is actually a considerable evidence base from which to form policy decisions in Australian arts funding.
Gary Foley has been driven by a lifelong project of sharpening his own intellect, realising the political force behind ideas and sharing them with others. Gary Foley

Tony Birch on Gary Foley: ‘a direct and fiercely intellectual man’

Tonight Gary Foley will be awarded the Red Ochre Award for his lifetime contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts. He is a more complicated figure than the one we are sometimes presented with.
The overhaul of arts funding has left the sector in shock – with many looking for clues as to how George Brandis’ new arts funding body with work in practice. Tom_Allan/Flickr

How Brandis plans to insulate the arts sector from the artists

The arts sector has been shocked by cuts to the Australia Council – but details about the new National Program for Excellence in the Arts are in short supply. What do we know about George Brandis's vision for the arts?
Will changes support good artistic practice? (Pic shows Intrude by Amanda Parer). AAP Image/Junction Arts Festival, Tim Jones PR.

A guide to OzCo’s new goals, codewords and thought gaps

Last month the Australia Council announced a new strategic plan and approach to arts funding. As the sector comes to terms with what these changes may mean, it seems that there are more challenges to come…
The Liberal government didn’t need a fully-functioning cultural policy at the last election. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

OzCo has a new strategic plan – where’s Abbott’s cultural policy?

As with other emissions of choice opacity – horoscopes, Bible stories, RBA economic forecasts – cultural policy announcements invite construal of their mystical meaning. Nothing is quite as it seems. On…
With the release of its strategic plan the Australia Council will sing from a new songsheet - but the finer details are far from clear. AAP Image/Paul Miller

New soundbites from the Australia Council – and not many details

The Australia Council made two significant announcements this week. The first was the launch of its Strategic Plan and the second was a new Grants Model. The external review of the Australia Council, conducted…
The history of arts funding in Australia suggests the “arm’s length” principle is worth preserving. wallyg/ Artist: OverUnder, Brooklyn

The Australia Council must hold firm on ‘arm’s length’ funding

Things to remember if you are a federal minister for the arts: In arts policy, as in the arts, how you do things matters as much as what you do. Good ideas become bad ideas if your tone is wrong or you…

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