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Are computers in the classroom more helpful to students – or the companies that sell the machines? AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

Taking a second look at the learn-to-code craze

Past efforts to teach American students computer skills haven't always helped workers get better-paying jobs. But spending on hardware and software for schools has certainly enriched tech companies.
Many classrooms have embraced digital technology, but it hasn’t always translated into improved learning outcomes. Brad Flickinger/Flickr

No gimmicks: technology in schools must serve a purpose

There were lots of fun gadgets and gizmos on display at the recent EduTech conference. But most of it is really just gimmickry when we really need a greater focus on learning.
Students will soon have to bring their own devices, so what does this mean for families, learning and inequity in schools? AAP

As laptop scheme ends, what next for families and learning?

The computers for schools program, which involved federal funding for the supply of laptops to high school students, is set to end in June. The program was a central piece of the former government’s “digital…

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