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South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma is part of a faction which embraces patronage politics. Reuters/Mike Hutchings

Economic exclusion feeds the politics of patronage in South Africa

It is common to reduce the politics of the ANC to a battle between personalities. A closer look suggest that this is a fight between two factions, both of them products of trends in the economy.
The reaction of listed Chinese companies to corruption revelations is often strangely muted. Reuters/China Daily

Corruption charges fail to faze Chinese investors

Corruption charges may shake the share prices of western companies, but in China the situation is more complex.
Chinalco is one of a number of state-owned enterprises the Communist Party is hoping to overhaul. Christina Hu/Reuters

China’s grip still tight on state-owned enterprises

China has signalled a plan to slim down its state-owned enterprises, but there's no sign yet it's willing to give up any real control.
China’s economic miracle will see it become the world’s greatest financial power; but it critical for the country’s new leaders to ensure its workers aren’t left behind. AAP

China’s economic miracle is close to fruition, but what now for workers?

China’s Communist Party has overseen an economic miracle over the past 20 years, but they are now facing the consequences of becoming the fastest growing economy on the planet. With China’s GDP now standing…

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