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Luxembourg: a fairyland for tax avoidance? Claude Wians

Luxembourg: a tax haven by any other name?

The revelations that global and multinational businesses have been brokering “secret” tax deals with Luxembourg to avoid paying taxes in their home countries, may be the first time an entire country has…
Oxfam estimates that at least A$21 trillion is hidden in tax havens.

Tax haven crackdown still to deliver missing billions

Tax avoidance, or the use of legal arrangements to reduce tax, is rife. According to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Australian companies in 2012 sent almost A$60 billion to related parties in tax havens…
The survival of Pacific Island tax havens depends on a bigger struggle between the Global North and the Global South. Shutterstock

Pacific Islands shine light on larger tax-haven fight

The role of offshore tax havens have come under increasing fire amid growing global concern over tax revenues, with a calls for greater transparency from the recent G8 summit and the recommendation of…

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