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Young people were already struggling before the pandemic. Here are 7 ways to help them navigate a changed world

Children are among those most at risk from the indirect effects of coronavirus. It is time we prioritised the well-being of young people as a nation-building commitment.
Every known culture on Earth has special words for kids to call their parents. XiXinXing via Getty Images

Why do kids call their parents ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’?

One anthropologist found 1,072 similar words for 'mom' and 'dad' in the world's languages. It turns out a mix of biology, culture and encouragement from parents explains this phenomenon.
Empty shelves can freak out shoppers of all ages. Jeremy Hogan / Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

4 ways to help kids relax as the coronavirus upends everyday life

Families should establish new daily routines, avoid bombarding children with current events or exposing them to misinformation, and practice basic methods that keep anxiety in check.

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