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The sun sets over electric pylons along a solar farm near Weifang in eastern China’s Shandong province in March 2024. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Emotions may matter more than facts in shaping individual support for renewable energy, new study shows

Emotions help shape opinion on energy sources. Understanding this can allow us to design better zero-carbon policies.
Cleaner, cheaper energy – but Labour’s plans leave some questions unanswered. Andrew Milligan/PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

What Labour’s Great British Energy can’t do

A nationally owned energy company could help the UK towards its net-zero goals but on its own the plan won’t be enough to provide long-term security.
Less than 10% of South African homes have installed solar power. Nattrass/Getty Images

Home solar systems in South Africa: more will be installed if households are given loans, free maintenance and security

Only 5% of South Africa’s energy comes from solar power while 85% is generated from coal. Loans, more subsidies and security for rooftop solar panels need to be put in place.
The Sapref oil refinery (seen in 2014) has been sold to the state-owned Central Energy Fund for R1, or a few US cents. L C Swart/Shutterstock

South Africa’s largest oil refinery sold for a few cents: will BP and Shell be held accountable for environmental damage?

South Africa’s state-owned Central Energy Fund has paid five US cents, or one rand, for a huge oil refinery that isn’t in working condition. The public may have to foot the bill to clear up oil leaks.

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