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Lincoln’s words and legacy are often invoked by U.S. politicians in times of crisis. Marc Dozier/The Image Bank via Getty Images

Lincoln called for divided Americans to heed their ‘better angels,’ and politicians have invoked him ever since in crises − but for Abe, it was more than words

Keeping the United States together meant more than defeating the Confederacy. Lincoln first had to unite a fractured North.
President Joe Biden, left, and first lady Jill Biden depart following a presidential debate with Donald Trump on June 27, 2024, in Atlanta. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

‘The immortal Gods alone have neither age nor death’: Wisdom from Greek tragedies for Joe Biden

In the ugly spectacle of American politics, it’s hard to keep humanity in sight. But literature, says a poet and scholar of the classics, can remind us of what we know about growing old.
A scene from Shakespeare’s play ‘Othello.’ Universal History Archive/ Getty Images

What Shakespeare can teach us about racism

Considered the greatest writer in English literature, William Shakespeare illustrates views on race and whiteness throughout all of his dramatic works.
The detail of the demon in Sir Joshua Reynolds’ painting The Death of Cardinal Beaufort was revealed after extensive cleaning. Petworth House / National Trust

Restorers uncover demon in a 1789 painting – and reveal the decline of superstition in the Age of Reason

The Enlightenment saw science and rational thought replace the religious superstitions of the previous century, and demons became metaphors for the human struggle between good and evil.

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