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Govebusters vs teacher pay reforms. Who will win? Rui Vieira/PA

Performance-related pay won’t motivate teachers

This Easter Monday, members of the National Union of Teachers voted in favour of a motion for strike action this summer. The threat of industrial action reflects an ever deepening rift between teachers…
Even teachers need to learn something new every day. Education Plus

Is teaching still a profession?

We assume that digital technology can improve education and that the challenge is how to bring innovative technology and educational professionals together. But the evidence shows that despite massive…
Do teachers still see teaching as their “life calling”? Newton/Flickr

Pyne’s Review Panel: Will it help improve teacher quality?

“The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.” While Aristotle’s axiom is purposefully exaggerated for dramatic effect, modern research confirms that there is indeed an…
Does Australia need another education review? AAP

Minister Pyne announces… yet another education review

Australia has on average had one review of teacher education every year for the past 30 years. As I have noted previously: Each inquiry reaches much the same conclusions and makes much the same recommendations…
Simply standing in front of a class and telling children how we are used to doing things ‘just won’t work’, according to leading American education expert Linda Darling-Hammond. AAP/Dan Peled

In Conversation: Maxine McKew and Linda Darling-Hammond

Watch the video of Maxine McKew interviewing Stanford professor Linda Darling-Hammond below. Australian schoolkids are scoring higher than their US counterparts in maths, science and literacy, but a visiting…
Can you pick a good teacher out from the pack before they enter the classroom? Chalk image from

A winning formula: how to pick the best teachers

It’s one of those debates that has seemingly gone on forever. All the way back to the ancient Greeks, people have been trying to figure out the best way to choose teachers. Australian governments, most…
The Gonski recommendations on schools funding is no longer a political fight – it’s a moral one. School children image from

An ethical education: why Gonski is a moral issue

In the lead up to negotiations with the states on schools funding reform, the government has armed itself by labelling the reforms as a moral issue. It’s easy, of course, for a politician to bring an issue…
There’s lots of “problems” to be fixed in education, but what does the evidence say? Teacher image from

Millions wasted in education? That’s not what the evidence says

Over recent years we have seen a wave of angst about Australia’s school education. The complex issue of teacher quality is, of course, part of the equation, but state governments are also concerned that…

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