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A student protester with a banner reading ‘Hind Hall’ at a Harvard University building. Student protesters at several universities have unofficially renamed campus buildings in response to the war in Gaza. (Frank S. Zhou/The Harvard Crimson)

The renaming of universities and campus buildings reflects changing attitudes and values

Students renaming campus buildings during ongoing protests follows years of campus renaming controversies. A study of campus naming policies proposes how to make naming more inclusive.
Some tech companies are using artificial intelligence to predict which international students will be assessed favourably by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada so schools know before issuing admission letters. (Shutterstock)

International study cap: How some private companies are marketing tech and AI solutions

Private tech companies screening international students on behalf of public schools should be required to disclose more about their algorithms and training data.
Police in riot gear formed a line to face student protesters at the University of Calgary campus on May 9, 2024. The university said protesters were trespassing and asked for help from police to disperse the groups. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Noah Korver

Student protests: How the university perpetuates colonial violence on campus

Recent student protests are attempts to humanize the Palestinians in desperate need of a ceasefire. Students deserve a dignity-affirming dialogue, not the continued use of police brutality.
Graduates listen during a convocation ceremony at Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, B.C., in May 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Arts graduate education in Canada should be redesigned around students’ and society’s needs

Canada needs the arts, with its insights into human behaviour and thinking, more than ever. But governments and funding agencies should shift funding models for arts graduate education.
Student protesters link arms as police move to clear remaining protesters and their encampment at the University of Calgary campus on May 9, 2024. Noah Korver/Canadian Press

A different way to address student encampments

Student protests on campuses are calling attention to atrocities in Gaza and challenging university administrators to divest. What is the best way forward that avoids unnecessary violence?
Anti-war movements can yield much positive coalition building towards peace, but can also trigger backlash. Protesters gather in an encampment set up on the University of Toronto campus in Toronto on May 2, 2024. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christopher Katsarov

University campuses should be places of peacemaking, not venues for proxy wars

Communication about conflict is the fundamental starting point for future action. In modeling non-violent communication, university leaders can proactively counter potential extremism.
It is important that we in Canada understand our history so that we know how to move forward with clear solutions. (Shutterstock)

Why DEI in Canada struggles to uplift Black people

Canada was never designed to be a space for unequivocal diversity, equity or inclusion. Rather, DEI initiatives are based on policies that maintain an unequal status quo.

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