5 Things We Learned about our Past in 2015

Ronnie Macdonald, CC BY

It’s been a pretty eclectic year for historical discoveries. Here’s a selection of our favourites.

1) Bronze Age mummies

First up, the surprising discovery that Egyptians weren’t the only ones to mummify their dead…

2) Uncovering Atlantropa

The curious story of Atlantropa, the colossal 1920s plan to dam the Mediterranean and create a supercontinent.

3) 3 ancient cities to ival London, Paris & New York

You might not have heard of these former urban behemoths, but they had all the trappings of our great 21st century cities.

4) Surprising news about wolves

New research suggests that wolves were actually dependent on humans long before they became man’s best friend.

5) How carbon impacted the last Ice Age

Carbon as an agent of global warming is well known - the oceans’ role in storing carbon, less so. Research explains how the oceans released enough carbon to bring the Ice Age to an end.