AMP Foundation’s zipline challenge supports science at The Conversation

You can sponsor someone to ride the zipline and support science journalism at The Conversation.

To help raise money for The Conversation we have offered readers the opportunity to contribute $5000 each to ride a zipline between two of Sydney’s tallest buildings.

The Conversation is a non-profit organisation that relies on philanthropy. One of our most innovative supporters, the AMP Foundation, recently offered us the chance to use their breathtaking zipline to test the mettle of a few hardy souls while raising funds to better cover science and technology.

How could we say no? In a media world infected with misinformation and fake news, it has never been more important for scientists to talk directly to the public. But the opportunities to do this are shrinking – between 2005 and 2017 specialist science journalists in Australia dropped from 35 to fewer than five.

We take science seriously at The Conversation and we work hard to report it accurately. Our work demonstrates the strong link between high levels of public interest in science and investment in research. According to The Conversatinon’s Science Editor, Sarah Keenihan:

When science is reported poorly or inaccurately, the consequences can be long lasting, and even dangerous: take vaccination and climate change as two key examples. It’s vital that tax-payer funded science and technology research is presented in a balanced but interesting way for all Australians to read and apply in their own lives.

The zipline challenge helps us continue our work of providing accurate reporting of science, and we thank the friends, colleagues and supporters who have agreed to take the zipline plunge in service of this mission.

Here are our fearless Zippers

The cast of The Conversation’s Fearless Zippers.

Please support our zipline volunteers, and the science coverage at The Conversation, by making a donation – the link in each name will take you to their fundraising profile (if there’s no link for the person you’d like to support, we’ll be adding it soon).

  • Adele Storch, doctor working in youth mental health in Melbourne

  • David Moffat, Chairman of Ventia Services, Foundation Director of Giant Steps Foundation

  • Joseph Skrzynski, Deputy Chair of The Conversation Media Group, Chair of The Sky Foundation and director of Philanthropy Australia and Human Rights Watch Global Board.

  • Lindy Shelmerdine, Myer Family Philanthropy

  • Jocelyn Wright, medical journalist based in Sydney (@WrightJocelyn)

  • Rhiannon Shepherd, Community Operations at Uber.

  • Kasia Stelmach, community captain, co-working leader and actress (@thisiskasia)

Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll be sharing the stories of our Zippers over the next two months.