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Marsupials and monotremes could do the dirty on drug-resistant infections. Lorinda Taylor/AAP

Doctor’s pouch: Australian mammals hold the key to fighting superbugs

We know, because it’s big news, that drug-resistant infections are on the rise globally. But could Australian mammals hold the key to a fightback? Our current crop of antibiotics is in danger of becoming…

Salmonella finds new way to harm

New research shows salmonella bacteria have modified, attacking the protein-building process to sustain its capacity to create…
The virulent E. coli is likely to have spread through contaminated vegetables.

From farm to the plate: Europe’s deadly E. coli outbreak

E. coli is a common germ that has traditionally caused blood stream infections and urinary tract infections. The virulent strain we’re seeing in Europe which has infected more than 1500 people and killed…
We import more antibiotics to promote animal growth than treat people. AAP

A game plan to win the coming fight against superbugs

We depend on antibiotics to treat what previously were fatal conditions. But the more we use them, the more the bacteria they fight become resistant to all the weapons in our arsenal. Bacterial resistance…
Viruses, parasites and bacteria have all developed resistance to current drugs. AAP

Superbugs vs antibiotics - a fight we can’t afford to lose

The World Health Organisation’s World Health Day is dedicated to the threat posed by the rapid emergence of drug resistant organisms. Viruses, parasites and bacteria have all developed some resistance…

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