Call for academic hosts for The Conversation podcast

We’re about to start a new audio podcast series - something we’ve long wanted to do - and would like to invite you to take part.

We are looking for a handful of academics to join our team of hosts who will present the podcasts, as well as work with me to produce them.

The Conversation Podcast will present ideas and analysis from the academic world, and will be largely based on interviews with experts. Each episode will be about 30 minutes, and we hope to run weekly.

As a host, you will receive assistance and direction from me in terms of selecting the podcast topic and finding appropriate interviewees. We will provide you a subject research brief and help organise the interviews. You will need to do some research, work with me to outline and script the podcast, conduct interviews, and then submit the sound files back to us for editing.

Depending on your availability, we’re looking for hosts to participate in at least one podcast per month. We estimate that each podcast would require between 5 and 7 hours commitment.

So if you are excited by great ideas - and are passionate about communicating them - and have an interest or experience in radio, we would like to hear from you.

If you are interested or have queries, please contact me, Emil Jeyaratnam, via email on

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