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Manchester Town Hall. Will education be part of greater devolution? Dave Wood Liverpool Images

Don’t leave schools out of new deals for city regions

It’s 25 years since the abolition of the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA). Its passing marked a turning point: local control over education in Britain has never been the same again. Now plans led…
What about the teachers? David Jones/PA Wire

When tackling mediocre schools becomes a teacher shortage

In a bid to place himself on the side of parents, the prime minister David Cameron has announced an “all-out war on mediocrity” in our schools, declaring that “just enough is not good enough”. Hot on the…
Lining up to take stock at the election approaches. Tim Ireland/PA Archive

Have we devolved too much responsibility for our schools?

The thorny issue of what democracy is, what it’s not and whether it is an appropriate system for government has been at the top of the agenda at the start of 2015. At the same time, we are in the lead-up…