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Musky goat aroma fires up female brains

An aroma given off by male goats activates reproductive brain regions in their female counterparts. The study is the first…
While a flinch, or a grimace may provide us with clues, ultimately we only know that someone’s in pain if they tell us. the italian voice/Flickr

Understanding pain: can the brain provide all the answers?

We now know that there’s much more to pain than simply what is happening in the painful body part, and attention has turned to the role of the brain. But not even this mysterious organ can tell us everything…
Healthy gut bacteria has been shown to improve autism spectrum disorders in mice. EMSL/ Flickr

Link between gut and brain suggests therapies for autism

Probiotics can alleviate the symptoms of autism-like disorders in mice, according to a US study published today in the journal…
Neuroscience has advanced far beyond public understanding. Kristian Mollenborg

Does your left brain know what your right brain is thinking?

Are you a left brain or a right brain person? I’ve never met a person who doesn’t know what I mean by this question. The idea that creative people use the right side of their brain more than logical people…
New research could restore feeling to prosthetic limbs. Flickr/barnabywasson

Artificial nerves in prosthetic limbs to restore touch: study

A method for restoring feeling and action to amputees and others who have lost their sense of touch has been established…
Our immune system is constantly talking to our brain, keeping it updated on any changes to our health. Image from

Addiction and the brain: how the immune system takes over

How do you know you are sick? No, really… Think about it. If you have suffered through another winter of coughs and sniffles, and you are about to be hit by the spring allergies, you will know the feeling…
Head for numbers: research into brain disorders is seriously underfunded. Pennstatenews

Burden of brain disorders ignored by government

According to various large-scale studies conducted by the World Health Organization, about a third of the adult worldwide population suffer from a mental disorder such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia…
Here’s looking at you kid. PA/Peter Byrne

Japanese supercomputer takes big byte out of the brain

Researchers in Japan have used the powerful K computer, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, to simulate the complex neural structure of our brain. Using a popular suite of neuron simulating software…
Memories of emotionally-dense events are formed in great detail, allowing them to be remembered extremely vividly, Julie Falk

Making a mark on the brain - how emotion colours memories

All memories aren’t created equal. Whether you remember an event the next day, week or year, depends on a number of factors, the most important one of which is the emotion associated with it. Emotional…

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