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Nowhere to hide? With 2℃ of global warming, the stifling heat of January 2013 would be the norm for Australia. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Why 2℃ of global warming is much worse for Australia than 1.5℃

Global warming of 2℃, the higher of the two Paris targets, would see current record-breaking temperatures become the norm in the future, potentially bringing heatwaves to both land and sea.
Simpler climate models could help more people understand the processes behind the predictions. Pelfophoto/

Climate models too complicated? Here’s one that everyone can use

Climate models are complicated - and necessarily so if they are to recreate our complex world. But a new, simpler climate model aims to take some of the mystery out of the art of climate modelling.
Is this a sunset, or sunrise, for fracking? danielfoster437

Shale gas: make polluters pay for the social cost of fracking

While the prime minister has shown unequivocal support for exploiting Britain’s shale gas reserves, stating the country should “go all out for shale gas”, more cautious voices point to possible effects…
We’re going to see more record-breaking heatwaves, and sooner than you might think. Flickr/hunting.glee

Climate change ‘unprecedented’ by 2050: study

We have some idea of what the future may look like under climate change, and now, thanks to new research, we have a better…
Cracks appearing in the permafrost signal that a thaw is coming. Brocken Inaglory/Wikipedia

Melting Arctic’s methane timebomb could cost trillions

Arctic sea ice is retreating, with projections suggesting that the summer months will be substantially ice-free within the next few years. Nations are waking up to the possibilities for shipping and resource…
Improvements in newer climate models have resulted in larger uncertainties in future climate projections. Are climate models flawed and getting worse? NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

There are no time-travelling climatologists: why we use climate models

The first climate models were built on fundamental laws of physics and chemistry and designed to study the climate system. Now, the use of climate models is heated ground in the public discussion of our…
The Blue Marble: who’s pulling the strings here? NASA

Even if Earth changes, life will continue with or without us

It seems somewhat eccentric if not a little absurd to suggest that a planet is a living thing. Earth has life on it, but it’s not a biological organism. Any theory or argument which concludes that the…
We need to models to understand complex systems: intuition won’t get us there. Kevin H./Flickr

Common sense won’t help you understand climate

Most of us understand the world by using common sense and intuition. To a large extent, this means assuming that most things behave in a roughly linear way: small changes in inputs lead to small changes…

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