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It’s not the quantity but quality of jobs on offer to young people that deserves further attention. Image sourced from

Youth unemployment ‘crisis’ more about job quality

The current discussion about youth unemployment overlooks some nuances of the data that should be helping shape policy.
The African continent is embracing technology in varying degrees. Swimmers use a selfie stick to take a picture of themselves in shallow waters of the River Nile outside Khartoum, Sudan. REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah

What the science and technology index tells us about development in Africa

Science and technology is seen as a key driver of a nation's economic fortunes. How is the African continent faring a decade after the first major global survey on countries' performance?
Many young workers exhaust themselves doing on-demand jobs for very little money. Danny/Flickr

Protecting the rights of the digital workforce in the ‘gig’ economy

Digital technology makes it easy for people to join the so-called "gig" economy and compete for work. But what employment rights does this online workforce really have, if any?

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