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More than 99.5% of the genome is identical between two humans, but that still leaves 15m positions to search through. fdecomite

Personal genomics: where science fiction meets reality

Imagine a future where doctors take a strand of your hair or a drop of your blood and tell you your DNA predicts a 78% risk of developing heart disease. On the plus side, it also predicts exactly which…
The stories behind the Human Genome Project are themselves extraordinarily human. widdowquinn

Explainer: what is the Human Genome Project?

For many decades humans have pursued work to characterise the human genome. Today, publicly available references to genome sequences are available and have been instrumental in effecting recent advances…
Scientists are looking for ever-more-sophisticated ways to find and optimise athletes. Steven Johnson

Athletic ability and genetics: can science spot a sure-fire winner?

For more than 50 years, sport scientists have used a variety of physical tests to try and identify those exceptional athletes who walk among us. Despite most countries having some sort of athlete talent…
The completed sequence of the banana’s 11 chromosomes has global implications. Caro Wallace

Musa genome mapped: that’s bananas!

What’s not to love about bananas? Besides being a wildly popular dessert fruit, they are the staple food of millions of people in developing countries. The current edition of Nature carries a paper that…

Asiatic pear genome mapped

The genome of the Asiatic pear has been accurately sequenced to within 3% of its complete assembly. Sometimes referred to…
Scientists have discovered a group of genes that predispose people to migraine. Flickr/mickebear

Group of genes hold the clue in migraine cases

Researchers have identified four new genes linked to the most common form of migraine, in a discovery that could eventually…
A young Tasmanian Devil bears the signs of the highly contagious facial tumour that has wiped out 85% of the species. AAP/Gary Brown

Mystery deepens in race to save Tasmanian Devil

The facial tumour responsible for wiping out 85% of Tasmanian Devils is spreading regardless of genetic differences across…
What part do superstition and inconsistency play in contemporary genetic research? DNA Art Online

Uncomfortable truth: an ecologist in the genetics lab

I’ve been an ecologist in Australia for the last ten years, working for both government agencies and as a university researcher. Over this time, funding for fieldwork has been increasingly hard to secure…

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