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Indonesian media moguls have argued that the internet means cross-media ownership laws that prevent common ownership of radio, television and newspapers are obsolete. shutterstock

Australia can learn from Indonesia’s experience before relaxing its media laws

Indonesia’s media landscape may be a model which Australia is emulating as it looks to change media ownership laws. There are positives to this, but also causes for concern.
As regional television flounders, a new approach to deregulation is needed.

To save local voices we need a different kind of deregulation

The Save Our Voices campaign argues that existing media rules are "squeezing the life out of our regional TV networks". But the real story is more complex. Reform is necessary, but so too is local content.
The entry into the market of new media and new players hasn’t altered the value of local content for people in regional and rural Australia. Wikipedia/Bidgee

The myths big media peddle to demand deregulation

Some of the bush tales about regional news that are circulating in the ongoing debate about media reform need to be debunked.
While Microsoft, Google and Apple have had to answer questions in Canberra about whether they meet their tax obligations, their media activities seemingly defy regulation. AAP/Nikki Short

It’s time for Australians to rewind the media policy machine

Current regulations are a complete mismatch for today's media practices and structures. While politicians shy from the debate, it's time to heed public opinion and revisit the Finkelstein Report.
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull is developing proposals for changing the rules governing Australia’s media. AAP/Gary Schafer

Major media outlets retain online dominance

Major media players continue to dominate online news, current affairs and analysis, despite a proliferation of online news…
Australia’s established media groups have used the internet to extend their domination of news. AAP/Dean Lewins

Australia swims against the tide of democratic media reform

That media ownership rules have been progressively relaxed in many democracies is certainly not news. But that Australia, with one of the most concentrated media markets in the world, is thinking of further…
Media organisations should push for media rights and freedoms on a more regular basis, not only when they’re under threat. AAP/Lukas Coch

Media reforms: lessons from a narrow escape to a fragile freedom

It is just a week since the Gillard government withdrew the four media reform bills for which it could not garner the necessary support from the crossbench MPs. The proposal that concerned me most as a…
After Conroy’s media reforms failed to find any standing, where does media regulation go from here? AAP/Alan Porritt

Media reforms a historic opportunity missed

To get an idea of how big an opportunity the federal government missed with its shambolic attempt at media reform, consider this: the last federal minister to achieve any substantive reform of media self-regulation…
Stephen Conroy’s approach threatens Australia’s standing as a free, Western democracy. AAP/Lukas Coch

Conroy’s media reforms are too much stick, not enough carrot

It’s a great shame when political and commercial vested interests drown out compelling and principled arguments for free expression in this Australian media reform debate. First, I declare my own interest…
Two companies control 88% of Australia’s print media assets. AAP/April Fonti

Australia’s lamentable media diversity needs a regulatory fix

Australian media, and in particular the print media, stands out internationally among advanced democracies for its extreme concentration. Three owners – News Limited, Fairfax Media and APN News and Media…
The Courier Mail never retracted a story alleging Manning Clark was a spy, even though the Press Council ruled against them. AAP/Dave Hunt

Media reform could save victims of misinformation … like my grandfather

It is a matter of public record in Australia that my grandfather was a communist spy. That he wasn’t really one doesn’t always matter. Manning Clark, famous Australian historian and my father’s father…
Former News International executive Rebekah Brooks leaves the Old Bailey after appearing on charges of conspiring to bribe public officials. It was revelations about journalistic practises at News that inspired inquiries in Australia and the UK. EPA/Andy Rain

UK and Australian media reforms are very different beasts

There are at least two points of convergence in this week’s parliamentary deliberations on media freedom in Australia and the UK. Both are driven by reports – Finkelstein and Leveson respectively – responding…

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