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Coming down to earth - just like house prices near airports. Steve Parsons/PA

New runways to support leisure even as transport at home is cut

The interim report of the Davies Airports Commission published this week presents an in-depth analysis of aviation’s value to the UK economy and suggests the country will need a new runway by 2030, and…
How do you stop young Australians from participating in risky activities overseas? Flickr/vampirogordo

Fatal attraction: young Australians travelling on the edge

Australians love to travel the world. In 2011 more than 7.5 million Australians (or more than one third of all Australians) travelled outside the country. Of course, most Australian travellers abroad have…
Qantas management have taken a risky approach to end their dispute with unions. AFP/William West

Planes set to fly again - but what now for Qantas?

Qantas planes are set to return to the air today after Fairwork Australia ruled to terminate an industrial dispute that grounded the airline over the weekend. The extraordinary action on Saturday by Qantas…
The Australian government decides what help it will provide to travellers caught in civil unrest, like these foreign tourists in Thailand. EPA/Rungroj Yongrit

What will your country do for you? Aussies in trouble overseas

The passport all Australians carry overseas is not just an entry or exit permit in and out of countries. It represents our nationality and our rights when abroad, as well as the rights and duties the government…

Travel chaos? You ain’t seen nothing yet

Australian travellers whose flights have been cancelled due to the Chilean ash cloud won’t want to hear what Dr Clive Oppenheimer…

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