Grow it, don’t take it: saving Australian corals

Researchers say its time to shift away from wild harvest towards aquaculture of coral. It’s the best way to avoid the risk of local extinctions of relatively rare corals favoured by America’s aquarium trade.

Published in the journal, “diversity”, the research reveals a recent shift in the pattern of commercial harvest in the Keppel Island region.

Data from the annual status reports from the Queensland Coral Fishery were compared with export trade data to the US from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

“Evidence was found of recent increases in the harvest of species from the Mussidae family … which appears to be largely driven by demand from the US,” Dr Alison Jones, researcher, writes.

“The recent shift in harvest patterns could have impacts on slow-growing species by allowing harvest beyond the rate of population regeneration.”

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