An Indonesian island was home to H. Floresiensis – but how did the dwarfed human species evolve? areza taqwim/


Fast evolution explains the tiny stature of extinct ‘Hobbit’ from Flores Island

New research models how the Homo floresiensis species could have evolved its small size remarkably quickly while living on an isolated island.
Over the past 20 years the number of international branch campuses (IBCs) have grown like “mushrooms in the rain”. Will their entry be beneficial to Indonesians? Shutterstock

Higher Education

Welcoming foreign universities: is it a good deal for Indonesians?

Foreign universities can provide quality education while also opening avenues for global research. However, initiatives must be put in place to make sure they are accessible to all Indonesians.
Indonesian women participate in a rally for equal rights outside the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, Indonesia, in March 2017. Bagus Indahono/EPA

Sexual violence

How a populist morality movement is blocking a law against sexual violence in Indonesia: analysis

Indonesia's populist morality movement considers talking about eliminating sexual violence against women is the same as supporting women’s right to have sex outside of marriage.
Palm oil development is not just about the economy but also needs to consider social and environmental costs.

Palm oil

The human cost of palm oil development

There are studies showing that farmers can have economic benefits from palm oil. However, they can also be impoverished by the commodity.
Indonesian flag flown as kite at an Independence Day celebration in Bali. Made Nagi/EPA


Tensions in Papua and hyper-nationalism in Indonesia

The prevailing hyper-nationalism in Indonesia today betrays the modernist idea of nationhood which inspired the nationalist movement in the archipelago a century ago.

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