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Joe Hockey has “deep reservations” about the current role of the tax office. AAP/Alan Porritt

Hockey signals watchdog on tax office

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey has launched a fierce attack on the Australian Taxation Office, accusing it of having had “an…
Joe Hockey has long extolled the virtues of hard work and the capacity for businesses to remain globally competitive, but an increasingly casualised workforce is exacerbating a divide between secure and insecure workers. AAP

Hockey’s work-hard mantra will hardly work in an era of job insecurity

The ACTU released the report Lives on hold: unlocking the potential of Australia’s workforce summing up the findings of its six month inquiry into insecure employment chaired by Brian Howe at its Congress…
Penny Wong’s rare moment of sincerity on Q&A betrayed the paucity of Australia’s political commentary. ABC

Penny Wong, Joe Hockey and the dire state of political punditry

If there is a turning point in the Australian debate on same-sex marriage it may well be Penny Wong’s remarkable grace and honesty when answering Joe Hockey on last night’s Q&A. Wong was asked by host…

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