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ACT Health’s Canberra Hospital is the region’s major public hospital and a teaching hospital of the Australian National University Medical School. Canberra Hospital provides specialist and acute care to more than 500,000 people.


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Adults usually get around three colds per year. Sergio Alvarez

Health Check: when is ‘the flu’ really a cold?

Most people who think they have the flu, don’t. And some people who think they have a cold, really have the flu. So what is the difference between a cold and the flu? And does it matter? A cold is a mild…
Around 180,000 hospital-acquired infections occur in Australia each year. Hospital image from

Washing our hands of responsibility for hospital infections

Infections, like taxes, are inevitable (to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin). Most are acquired in the community and the dangerous ones are, in the main, very difficult to prevent. But many infections are…


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