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African Population and Health Research Center

The African Population and Health Research Center is the continent’s premier research institution and think-tank, generating evidence to drive policy action to improve the health and wellbeing of African people. As a progressive African-led global research center invested in creating legacy impact, our work is oriented towards global and continental development priorities, bringing independent evidence to the forefront of decisions supporting improved growth and development in the region.


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Adolescents should be informed about their rights to respectful care. Donwilson Odhiambot via Getty Images)

Kenya’s healthcare workers abuse a third of teen mums from informal settlements – study

Adolescent girls are more at risk during childbirth. Stigma and abuse by healthcare workers makes them less likely to seek medical care, putting their lives further in danger.
Rapid urbanisation and population growth in Africa have pushed people to informal settlements. Getty Images

Health risks at home: a study in six African countries shows how healthy housing saves children’s lives

The impact of housing quality extends beyond health to education and subsequent economic outcomes, particularly for children.
Les raisons qui expliquent pourquoi les filles n'entrent pas dans le secondaire commencent dès l'école primaire. Godong via Getty Images

Seule une fille sur trois atteint l'école secondaire au Sénégal : voici pourquoi et comment y remédier

Des pratiques culturelles profondément ancrées - telles que les mutilations génitales féminines et le mariage des enfants - empêchent les filles de progresser à l'école.
La protection sociale n'est effective que lorsque l'avortement se fait dans la discrétion.

L'avortement au Kenya et au Bénin : la sécurité médicale ne suffit pas - les filles et les femmes doivent aussi se sentir en sécurité socialement

Les femmes qui veulent avorter privilégient la protection sociale au détriment de la sécurité médicale pour échapper à la loi et à la stigmatisation. L’auto-prise en charge peut-elle être la réponse?
Social safety is only attained when the abortion is achieved discreetly. Author supplied

Abortion in Kenya and Benin: medical safety isn’t enough – women and girls need to feel safe socially too

Girls and young women do not search for medical safety when seeking abortion care. They prioritise “social safety” to avoid prosecution and social stigma. Can self-care be a solution?


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