CUNEF is a university college for education and research attached to Madrid’s Complutense University and specializing in Business Administration, Economics, Law and Finance. Its Undergraduate programs in Business Administration, the Bilingual Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (English-Spanish), the Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Business Administration and the Bachelor’s Degree in Law are benchmarks in Spain.

Its Postgraduate programs in Finance, Banking Law, Banking and Management of Financial Entities, Stock Exchange and Investment Analysis, Risk Management and Management enjoy an excellent reputation in professional and institutional circles.

At CUNEF you will find an environment for learning and professional development that is committed to enhancing talent. The teaching staff, international options, practical training in companies and our extracurricular activities will lead you towards a promising professional future. Read on for all the information you need on one of Spain’s leading institutions for the training of university students, professionals and executives in the business and financial fields.


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