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The FARC, now undergoing the tricky process of disarmament, was still armed and active just a few months ago. John Vizcaino/Reuters

Can Colombia actually put its peace plan into action?

Delays in setting up disarmament camps for former guerillas have cast doubt on the Colombian government's commitment to peace. But the real problem is its national history.
Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manual Santos had promised to end the conflict before the end of 2016, opposition notwithstanding. Jaime Saldarriaga/Reuters

Colombia has a new peace agreement, but will it stick?

The South American nation is poised to end its 52-year civil war after a halting peace process that has used the weapons of both war and democracy.
Indonesia enacts a moratorium on new permits to clear forests but gives exemptions to mining and palm oil companies. EPA/STR

Indonesia shows pledges aren’t enough to save global forests

This week’s United Nations Climate Summit produced the New York Declaration on Forests. It promises to halt deforestation, one of the biggest contributors to global carbon emissions, by 2030. Indonesia…

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