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Founding Partner Lancaster University

Lancaster strives to make a difference to people’s lives and uses its expertise to shape policy and encourage debate and is committed to thinking differently to make the best use of its expertise to change society and be a positive influence on the economy at home and internationally.

In just fifty years Lancaster has achieved a global reputation for excellence in research and for teaching which is reflected in high positions in UK and global league tables.

Lancaster produces international quality research that is recognised by government, funding bodies, policy agencies and industry to be cutting-edge, innovative and relevant.

Lancaster’s performance in successive research assessment exercises has placed it in the top ten universities in the UK and this is reflected in an increasing portfolio of regional, national and international research partnerships that advance core disciplinary knowledge and address key societal issues.

National surveys repeatedly show that Lancaster is an elite teaching institution in terms of students’ assessment of all aspects of teaching and learning and its academic departments have an outstanding record of teaching quality.

Lancaster is a University actively engaged in the national innovation agenda and its success in teaching and research is now aligned with a strong reputation for knowledge exchange. The University is home to three knowledge transfer centres and its work with over 5000 SMEs since 1999 has resulted in the creation of 250 new businesses and more than 4000 new jobs.

Lancaster University is a Founding Partner of The Conversation.



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