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Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Le Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) est une Organisation pour la Recherche et la Technologie active dans les domaines des matériaux, de l'environnement et de l'IT. En transférant la technologie vers la société ainsi que les entreprises locales, le LIST contribue fortement à la construction du Luxembourg de demain.

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a mission-driven Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT. By transferring technology to society as well as local companies, LIST contributes strongly to the building of tomorrow’s Luxembourg.


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Regulations in the US and EU are intended to ensure that cosmetics and other personal-care products are safe, but the two continents approach the issue in different ways. Marco Verch/Flickr

Just how safe are cosmetics on the European market?

From miscarriages to cancer, poor regulation of cosmetics in the US have taken a devastating toll on consumers’ lives. Are European consumers any safer?


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