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Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is an Australian university with an emphasis on real-world courses and applied research. Based in Brisbane with strong global connections, it has 40,000 students, including 6,000 from overseas.


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Much coal seam gas water sits there going to waste. SkyTruth/flickr

Making the most of coal seam gas can help slake our water thirst

The Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry constitutes an interesting opportunity for Australia. We could get a lot of positive things out of CSG. But it does produce a lot of “waste water”: if things go badly there…
An Australian carbon price needs to abide by a pile of international agreements. AAP

Laying down the law on the carbon price

Without a strong legal foundation, any carbon pricing scheme we come up with will be on shaky ground. And right now, the signs aren’t promising. While we don’t yet have a firm idea of what will be incorporated…
Poking fun: singer Joss Stone at the last week’s royal wedding. AAP

Pomp and levity: why the royals aren’t going away

You don’t have to be a monarchist to see that the Royal wedding has been a triumph of cultural diplomacy for the United Kingdom, and a powerful statement to the world about the importance of tradition…
Should we really be relying on trees and soil to suck up our emissions? Flickr/Sascha Grant

Don’t bet it all on the carbon farming

Carbon farming - or biosequestration - seems to be the only climate change mitigation measure that both sides of politics can agree on. But its effectiveness may be sorely overstated. Biosequestration…
Confirmation of bin Laden’s death came before Obama took to the podium. AAP

When Obama gets Osama, the world turns to Twitter

Where were you when you heard about Osama bin Laden’s death? Increasingly, the answer to this and similar questions may be, “I was on Twitter.” From the “inland tsunami” washing down Queensland’s Lockyer…
So-called ‘male zones’ could be coming to a supermarket near you. AAP

Will supermarkets go the extra aisle?

The drastic social and demographic changes of the past few decades have radically changed traditional gender roles within the family structure in Australia. In the process, they have also changed the way…
Could the News of The World phone tapping scandal bring down the Murdoch empire? AAP

News Corp phone tapping scandal: the empire under attack

The News Of The World phone-tapping scandal continues to escalate, presenting media proprietor Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp managers with what is the most damaging issue they have faced since The Sun’s…
A quarter of the Brisbane households did not have high-nutrition food. AAP

Poor diet linked to myriad factors, not just poor pay

A recent Queensland study has found the purported link between socioeconomic status and food choices leading to bad behaviour among children and ill-health among adults may be misunderstood. The study…
The SA legislation aims to end intolerable suffering. Timothy K Hamilton

The long road to legalising euthanasia in South Australia

With the South Australian parliament passing its latest euthanasia bill to committee stage, there is a real possibility locals will be given the right to end their life. And with an unprecedented number…
People who live on busy roads are at greater risk of pre-term births.

Counting the ways vehicle emissions (still) make us sick

The body of evidence on the unhealthy effects of traffic pollution is now longer than a stretch limo. Our recent Queensland study found pregnant women exposed to greater levels of traffic pollution had…
Natalie Tran’s Community Channel video diary now attracts advertising. YouTube

Hey download generation, your future is up on YouTube

Do-it-yourself bloggers, video diarists (vloggers), artists with their pixel-palettes of innumerable hues, sounds and images – the explosion of online content creation is one of the contemporary wonders…

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