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Screen Australia is the key Federal Government direct funding body for the Australian screen production industry. Its functions are to support and promote the development of a highly creative, innovative and commercially sustainable Australian screen production industry.

Screen Australia was created under the Screen Australia Act 2008 and from 1 July 2008 took over the functions and appropriations of its predecessor agencies: the Australian Film Commission (AFC), the Film Finance Corporation Australia (FFC) and Film Australia Limited.

Across its various departments, Screen Australia, supports the development, production, promotion and distribution of Australian screen content by:

supporting production of a range of content including features, documentaries, television drama and children’s programs

supporting the growth of screen businesses

supporting marketing and screen culture initiatives which focus on engaging audiences with Australian content

developing high-quality scripts and proposals

facilitating innovation and audience-engaging online content

supporting Indigenous talent and distinctive stories

administering the Government’s Producer Offset and International Co-production Program to increase the commercial sustainability of production in Australia

providing authoritative, timely and relevant data and research to the industry and government.


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