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Located between San Francisco and San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford University is recognized as one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions. Stanford is particularly noted for its openness to multidisciplinary research, not only within its schools and departments, but also in its laboratories, institutes, libraries and research centers.


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Le 25 juillet, marqué par un record de chaleur dans la capitale, les Parisiens se réfugiaient autour des quelques ilôts de fraîcheur de la ville, comme ici, à Trocadéro. Dans la zone autour de la Tour Eiffel, la mairie entend créer d'ici 2024 un parc de 50 hectares. Bertrand Guay/AFP

La nature ne doit plus être l’oubliée des projets d’aménagement urbain

Face à la multiplication des risques environnementaux, il est nécessaire d’introduire davantage de nature dans les villes pour tenter de les rendre plus résilientes.
Teenager Alex Weber and friends collected nearly 40,000 golf balls hit into the ocean from a handful of California golf courses. Alex Weber

A teen scientist helped me discover tons of golf balls polluting the ocean

Snorkeling off the California coast, a high school student found heaps of golf balls on the ocean floor. With a marine scientist, she showed that golf courses were producing tons of plastic pollution.
Pharmaceutical companies have traditionally been the ones to develop drugs. But for rare diseases university researchers may play a role. LeoWolfert/

Drug development is no longer just for Big Pharma. Researchers at Bio-X explain

Developing drugs is typically the domain of large pharmaceutical companies. But here is an example of drug development for a rare pediatric brain cancer that was done in a university setting.
À l’occasion de la COP24, le Global Carbon Project publie une évaluation annuelle peu encourageante des rejets de CO2 pour l’année 2018. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Plus 2 % d’émissions de CO₂ en 2018, une tendance qui s’installe pour 2019

La demande énergétique en hausse est l’un des facteurs explicatifs de cette tendance.
AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Carbon emissions will reach 37 billion tonnes in 2018, a record high

For the second year in a row global greenhouse emissions from fossil fuels have risen, putting 2018 on course to set a new record, according to an annual audit from the Global Carbon Project.
The remains of an Ixil man emerge from the ground, one of the countless victims of the civil war in Guatemala. Tristan Brand/FAFG Fundacion de Antropologia Forense de Guatemala

‘It is the job of the living to save the dead from drowning’

The Ixil people of Guatemala dream of the places where their dead, massacred during the country's armed conflict might be located.
Les restes d'un homme Ixil émergent du sol, il s'agit d'une des 669 victimes massacrées et connues à ce jour, lors de la guerre civile au Guatemala. Tristan Brand/FAFG Fundacion de Antropologia Forense de Guatemala

« C’est le rôle des vivants de sauver les morts de la noyade »

Des habitants ixil, au Guatémala, rêvent des lieux où se trouvent leurs morts, massacrés pendant la guerre civile et aident ainsi l’équipe médico-légale à creuser et identifier. Récit.
A nurse in Uganda uses a stethoscope to listen for heart problems at a screening and educational event Oct. 31, 2017. Tao Farren-Hefer

Women with heart disease in sub-Saharan Africa face challenges, but stigma may be worst of all

Noncommunicable diseases are a growing problem in Africa. Among women, heart disease is a particular concern. Medication to treat it can interfere with pregnancy, making women undesirable partners.
Magnetotactic bacteria owe their special property to the magnetic nanoparticles they contain. Andy Tay

Magnetic bacteria and their unique superpower attract researchers

These single-celled organisms naturally respond to the Earth's weak magnetic field. Scientists are untangling how it all works, looking to future biomedical and other engineering applications.
Sending text-message reminders and tips to parents can help boost their children’s reading skills. ESB Professional/

Text messages to parents can help boost children’s reading skills

Providing text-message tips to parents on how to make their children stronger readers can make a difference, but only if parents don't get too many or too few text messages, researchers find.
Millones de personas alrededor del mundo padecen de desvelo, pero estar estresado no ayuda. Antonio Guillem/

No sufra desvelos: existen muchas soluciones para dormir mejor

¿No logra conciliar el sueño? No se preocupe. Hacerlo demasiado podría empeorar su situación. Pero realizar cambios sencillos, como no usar dispositivos digitales antes de acostarse, ayudará.

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