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The University of Central Lancashire (or UCLan) is a university based in Preston, Lancashire, England. It has its roots in The Institution for the Diffusion of Knowledge which was founded in 1828. In 1992 it was granted University status by the Privy Council. The university is the ninth largest in the UK in terms of undergraduate student numbers.


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Aktivitas fisik sangat penting bagi kesehatan, karena itu jangan pangkas jam pelajaran pendidikan jasmani. Shutterstock

Pendidikan jasmani sama pentingnya dengan pelajaran lain di sekolah, tapi mengapa kerap dianaktirikan?

Meski penelitian menunjukkan berbagai manfaat dari pendidikan jasmani, mata pelajaran ini tetap dianggap lebih remeh dibandingkan mata pelajaran lain di sekolah.
Some of Guthrie’s greatest champions have had difficulties with the song. Al Aumuller/Library of Congress

The misguided attacks on ‘This Land Is Your Land’

Woody Guthrie’s anthem has become a rallying cry for immigrants. But did he really have a 'blind spot' for Native Americans, as some have claimed?
There’s good evidence drinking coffee before exercise can marginally improve your performance. From

Health check: can caffeine improve your exercise performance?

Many people drink coffee for that extra bit of energy to go about their day. As well as sharpening our minds, there's evidence caffeine can give us a physical boost, too.

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