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Moratorium hutan, transparansi data kehutanan dan perkebunan, serta tata kelola hutan berbasis masyarakat menjadi isu utama dalam termin kedua pemerintahan Jokowi. (Donny Sophandi/shutterstock)

Tiga hal yang bisa dilakukan Jokowi untuk tangani kebakaran hutan di Indonesia

Pemerintah Indonesia seharusnya bisa lebih transparan dan membuka akses publik terkait data perubahan lahan, membuat permanen moratorium hutan, hingga menerapkan pengelolaan hutan berbasis komunitas.
Entering the second term of his presidency, Jokowi administration needs to put forest and land fires as priority. Donny Sophandi/

Three things Jokowi could do better to stop forest fires and haze in Indonesia

The Indonesian government should improve transparency and public access to land-use data, make the ban on new plantations on primary forests permanent, and give communities access to forests.
Jeffrey Sachs: ‘we need to press governments to follow through on what they’ve promised’. Max Rossi/Reuters

Jeffrey Sachs on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals – ‘we need a victory of ideas’

Jeffrey Sachs wants to press governments to follow through on their promises.
Many Muslim nations fare poorly for gender equity, but there are steps they can take and examples they can follow to make sure girls are properly educated. Flickr/Nevil Zaveri

Gender equity in schools in Muslim countries: it can be done

Muslim countries worldwide have problems with gender equality. They dominate the bottom ten countries in the Global Gender Gap Report and none of the ten most successful countries offering equal opportunities…

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