University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is an internationally recognised, research-intensive university with a strong tradition of excellence in teaching, research and community engagement spanning more than 160 years.

Its outstanding performance in international rankings puts the University of Melbourne at the forefront of higher education globally. It is ranked number 1 in Australia by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 28th worldwide. Melbourne’s position as Australia’s top University has also been reaffirmed in the 2013 Shanghai Jiao Tong rankings, in which it has moved up three places from last year, to equal 54th in the world and third in the Asia-Pacific.

The University is uniquely located on the fringe of the city of Melbourne’s central business district. It serves as a hub for the Parkville research precinct – one of the world’s leading centres of medical and biotechnological research – and is a vital part of surrounding neighbourhoods such as cosmopolitan Carlton.

About 50,000 of the best and brightest students from around the globe come to study at the University of Melbourne.


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Celebrities may inspire and help advertise products, but they have no place in politics. AAP Image/Paul Miller

Forget the fantasy politics – advertising is no substitute for debate

*MEDIA & DEMOCRACY: Today, The Conversation launches a week-long series, looking at how the media influences the way our representatives develop policy. Robin Canniford explains why advertising spin…
roxon plain pack. AAP

World-first plain packaging for tobacco products a step closer to becoming law

Legislation requiring tobacco products to be in plain packaging was passed by the House of Representatives last night. This is the first such measure in the world to come so close to becoming law. We asked…
Bhutan has pursued a measurement of Gross National Happiness as well as economic indicators. AAP

Happiness: the real purpose of economic development?

In recent weeks, while global financial markets threatened to implode, looters rampaged through the streets of London, and the British Prime Minister David Cameron reflected darkly on the dangers of a…
Zac Chi celebrates his 87th birthday, then punches the sky repeatedly. I.M. Photo

Fitter, happier, more productive … our health system in 2050

AUSTRALIA 2050 – I’d like you to imagine for a minute that you are living in Australia in 2050: August 1 2050, to be precise. It’s one of those days that makes you glad to be alive: a cool morning in Melbourne…
In the future, will we be juggling with the same or different issues? The Invizible

2050: an optimist’s science fiction

What will Australia look like in 2050? Will the debates raging now about a carbon tax, about health reform, about immigration, still have relevance, or will new problems, bigger problems, have taken their…
Website designers want to woo you, and will use every trick in the book. EF Photography

Trust me, web users … I’m beautiful

Beautiful women make great con people, as do handsome men. Why? Because, for better or worse, we are predisposed to trust beautiful people more than normal-looking folks. But what if we take it one step…
Alcohol is currently exempt from the labelling requirements that all other products we eat and drink have to follow. Klearchos Kapoutsis

Cheers to health warning labels for alcoholic drinks

Despite known risks of drinking, health and safety warning labels have been noticeably absent from alcoholic beverages in Australia. But that might be about to change, with the Government today seeking…
Broadband-enabled technologies can ensure a more comfortable ageing process. sparktography

If I had a blank cheque I’d … reform Australia’s aged care system

Welcome to If I had a blank cheque … a series in which leading researchers reveal what they could (and would) do in their discipline if money were no object. Today we hear from Dr Kate Cornick, Executive…
Change will again come to the White House. And it will come courtesy of another Texan. EPA/Alex Jones/pool

The next president of the United States will be Rick Perry

We now know the name of the next president of the United States: Rick Perry. The range of poor choices facing Republicans – from the bland Mitt Romney to the polarising Michele Bachman – has been transformed…
We need research to ensure we don’t lose quality in the process of increasing consumer choice. simaje/Flickr

Caring for older Australians report: research can improve quality of care

The average age of Australian population is 38, up from six years younger 20 years ago and still rising. Like other western countries, Australia has responded to this changing demographic with increased…
Has his compromise with Republicans over the debt ceiling ended Obama’s electoral hopes? AAP

Is Obama doomed? The debt crisis and 2012

Despite the apparent disgust of many Americans and the contempt held by many outside observers, US politics is supposed to look this way – at least sometimes. The widely diagnosed dysfunction of the recent…
Bush fires are just the start of the problems we’ll see in a world four degrees warmer. Sean Marshall/flickr

Are you ready for a four degree world?

In mid-July, as Prime Minister Gillard began to stump the countryside selling her carbon package, a conference at the University of Melbourne considered the prospect of climate policy failure. Climate…
Legendary British singer Morrissey is well-known for his activist vegetarianism. AAP

Morrissey, Anders Breivik and the claim that all meat is murder

A qualification of how much I love Morrissey’s music needs to be made. Merely thinking about There is a Light cuts me raw; I adopted It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore as a power anthem the second I heard…

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