University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is an internationally recognised, research-intensive university with a strong tradition of excellence in teaching, research and community engagement spanning more than 160 years.

Its outstanding performance in international rankings puts the University of Melbourne at the forefront of higher education globally. It is ranked number 1 in Australia by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 28th worldwide. Melbourne’s position as Australia’s top University has also been reaffirmed in the 2013 Shanghai Jiao Tong rankings, in which it has moved up three places from last year, to equal 54th in the world and third in the Asia-Pacific.

The University is uniquely located on the fringe of the city of Melbourne’s central business district. It serves as a hub for the Parkville research precinct – one of the world’s leading centres of medical and biotechnological research – and is a vital part of surrounding neighbourhoods such as cosmopolitan Carlton.

About 50,000 of the best and brightest students from around the globe come to study at the University of Melbourne.


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Do-it-yourself teeth whiteners with high levels of peroxide can cause painful chemical burns. Jeremy Jenum

What happens when teeth whitening goes wrong?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently recalled a number of do-it-yourself (DIY) teeth whiteners containing unsafe concentrations of peroxide that can cause painful chemical…
The Federal government has secured rare uniform cooperation from the states on its early years learning reform. AAP/Paul Miller

The best start in life for the price of a cup of coffee

Would you pay the equivalent of a coffee a day to guarantee a system whereby Australian children got the best start in life? From January this year, the Australian education system is changing its approach…
Is the earth a living organism? angeladreams/Flickr

Gaia theory: is it science yet?

James Lovelock’s “Gaia hypothesis” has challenged conventional thinking about the nature of the earth as an integrated system. Gaia proposes that the earth acts like a living organism — that life is part…
It’s essential that we get it right when it comes to changing our constitution to recognise Aboriginal Australians. Flickr/Rusty Stewart

Indigenous recognition: we can’t afford to water down constitutional reform

Earlier this year, the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians gave its final recommendations to the government. Recognition would acknowledge the unique place of Aboriginal…
The Treaty of Waitangi reminds us that indigenous people must be treated honourably before the law. Sids1

A matter of trust – what we can learn from the Treaty of Waitangi

Much is made of the Treaty of Waitangi as the vehicle for the recognition of Maori in New Zealand’s legal system. Australia lacks a treaty, the argument goes, and therefore is constitutionally disabled…
Dick Smith has been vocal about Woolworths selling his former electronics business - but his arguments don’t stack up. AAP

No place for jingoism in Woolies’ sell-off of Dick Smith

Entrepreneur Dick Smith has been very vocal in the past few days about the prospect of his namesake retail business falling into “foreign hands”. Despite him selling the electronics chain to Woolworths…
Bill Gates at the 2012 World Economic Forum, where he pledged further support for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. World Economic Forum

Corruption at the Global Fund? Don’t just blame the messenger!

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual gathering in picturesque Davos is always full of highest-level gossip, bellwether pronouncements, and – sometimes – significant insights. And from the global health…
Overly optimistic expectations about the birthing process may taint the experience for many women. Muus Creation/Flickr

Great expectations: mothers too optimistic about birth intervention

Many women believe they’re likely to go through labour and give birth without medical intervention. But data from Victoria shows that, more often than not, labour does require intervention. The disconnect…
Mitt Romney is struggling to gain traction with the base of the Republican party. Can the media be to blame? AAP/Jim Lo Scalzo

Stuck in the middle: Mitt Romney’s trouble with the media

Despite his solid performances in the early Republican primaries, Mitt Romney’s candidacy for the Republican nomination is still facing a crisis of legitimacy. Social conservatives have questioned his…
Sure, it looks nice, but this tree is also saving you money. UncanonicalAaron/Flickr

For a great return on investment, try trees

Perhaps it is a pity that so many Australians think of our parks, gardens, streetscapes and urban landscapes only in terms of their aesthetics. While green spaces are beautiful and decorative, these attributes…
Rick Perry failed to distinguish himself among an uninspiring field of contenders. EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

Oops … I was wrong: why Perry fell and Gingrich is rising

I stated on The Conversation last August that Rick Perry would become the next President of the United States in 2013. Instead, the Texas governor dropped out of the race last week, unable to establish…
Orchids records Phoebe Hart’s journey to come to terms with her intersex condition. ABC TV

Orchids sheds light on the secrecy surrounding intersex

The documentary, Orchids: my intersex adventure, aims to reduce the secrecy and shame in which intersex people have been forced to spend their lives. It relates the story of filmmaker, Phoebe Hart, who…
Research says Melbourne could benefit from less black. mugley/Flickr

Cooling the urban heat island with more reflective roofs

Can a whiter roof make your home cooler? What about your whole city? The existing literature and theory suggests that increasing the albedo - or reflectiveness - of a building will reflect incoming sun…

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