New ways to subscribe to comment notifications

We recently improved the way our system notifies you about new comments on an article.

Previously you could only get notifications about new comments on an article if you had already commented on it.

Now you can elect to get notifications about new comments on any article – irrespective of whether you’re part of the discussion – simply by subscribing to it.

We’ve also changed the system used to automatically sign you up to receive notifications when you place a comment. Now you get to get to choose whether you receive these notifications or not.

Notification setting options.

Subscribing to articles that you haven’t commented on

You can now pick get notifications about articles on which you haven’t commented. You just have to click a button. (The red dot in the image below followed by the words: “not subscribed to comments”.)

The new subscription toggle.

Your news feed, which is found under your profile in the top-right corner of The Conversation, will still track replies to your comments if need be.

Post a comment below if you have any questions or you can email me.