Our content removal policy

We occasionally get requests to remove content from The Conversation – a comment or an account, for example. These requests don’t happen very often but we thought it important to develop a set of guidelines so requests are managed consistently.

Our content removal policy is here. It was developed in consultation with our editorial board, the community, and reader feedback.

The policy goals are twofold. First, it lets us respond to requests consistently. Second, it clarifies expectations for people contributing content to The Conversation.

For example, we have long viewed comments on our articles as public statements made explicitly for publication and not as a casual chat between people.

The process

The policy was developed in consultation with our editorial board, the community and others. We looked to our ambitions for the site and to examples of best practice. A draft version of the policy was open for feedback for a one week period, during which we reviewed and considered all suggestions provided. Our editorial board recently approved the policy.

We hope this policy helps us operate transparently and consistently. Thanks to all of you who took part in the process and provided feedback.