Alexander Heger

Professor, Monash University

Alexander works in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Monash University as a Professor.

His research areas of interest are the lLife and explosive death of massive stars, the origin of the elements and nuclear astrophysics

Current work comprises the study of massive to supermassive stars (10-100,000 solar masses); the first generations of stars in the universe (Pop III stars); evolution of rotating massive stars and the spin of their remnants; mixing and transport processes in the stellar interior; nucleosynthesis and the origin of elements, including galacto-chemical evolution - which elements are made where and when; supernovae (mechanisms and nucleosynthesis); gamma-ray bursts (collapsars and similar models) and their progenitors; modeling of Type I X-ray bursts and superbursts (thermonuclear explosions on the surface of neutron stars).


  • –present
    Professor, Monash University


  • 1998 
    Munich Technical University, Doctoral diploma