Associate Professor, department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

Anders Wivel’s research focuses especially on the foreign- and security policies of smaller European countries. He is particularly interested in studying which strategic possibilities the EU-membership provides the countries with, in relation to maximixing their influence. Apart from that he focuses on the Transatlantic relationship.

Current research

The Presence of the Past: Theorizing on the Interplay of Past and Present Geopolitics in Contemporary Foreign Policy – research project in collaboration with Hans Mouritzen, DIIS, financed by the FSE. Focuses on the interaction between current and past geopolicy in the foreign policy of the European countries. The project runs from 2008 through 2011.
Strategies in the American World Order: Lost Power – book project in collaboration with Peter Toft and Birthe Hansen, University of Copenhagen. The project studies European strategies in the American world order. The book is expected to be published by Routledge in 2008.

Listed here are the Europe related publications by the researcher. For a complete list of publications please refer to the Department for Political Science.

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    Associate Professor, department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen