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Adjunct assistant professor, University of Canberra

Dr Anita Collins is an award-winning educator, researcher and writer in the field of brain development and music learning. She is internationally recognized for her unique work in translating the scientific research of neuroscientists and psychologists to the everyday parent, teacher and student. Anita is best known for her work with TED Ed, TEDx and the ABC Don’t Stop the Music documentary and campaign. Anita has been a specialist researcher for the OECD Education Framework 2030, South Australian Music Education Strategy and Alberts | Tony Foundation Music Education: Right from the Start Initiative. Anita is the inaugural Creative Chair of Learning & Engagement for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, expert education advisor for the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Catholic Education Parramatta and South Australia Music Education Strategy. Anita is lead expert for the Alberts | Tony Foundation Music Education Initiative, the founder of Bigger Better Brains and the author of The Music Advantage.


  • 2014–present
    Director, Muse Consulting
  • 2018–present
    Founder, Bigger Better Brains
  • 2006–2018
    Assistant Professor of Music and Arts Education, University of Canberra


  • 2013 
    Univeristy of Melbourne, PhD