Graduate Researcher, University of Melbourne

I am a computer science and engineering graduate undertaking my doctorate of philosophy (Ph.D) with the University of Melbourne’s Systems Biology Laboratory. My research involves modelling the regulation of gene expression (how information is read from our DNA) using machine learning, information-theoretic and statistical approaches, with particular focus on the interactions and feedback mechanisms between transcription factors, histone modifications and DNA methylation. Any improvement in our understanding of gene expression has profound impact on our ability to prevent and treat human disease, and I am currently exploring the implications of my research in understanding epithelial-mesenchymal transition (associated with tumour invasiveness) in breast cancer.

Prior to commencing my Ph.D in systems and computational biology, my research focused on robotics, computer vision and machine learning. I was an active contributor to the RoboCup initiative in Istanbul 2011 and Mexico 2012 (as a member of the University of Newcastle’s NUbots), and more recently Eindhoven 2013 (as a member of CSIRO’s Gliders). Perhaps counter-intuitively, robotics and biology have a lot in common…

In addition to research, I am very passionate about improving scientific communication and education. I have received several teaching awards and nominations during my five years of tutoring (at the Universities of Melbourne and Newcastle) and regularly volunteer to present at public lectures, university open days and high school outreach programs.


  • 2013–present
    Graduate Researcher, Systems Biology Laboratory
  • 2012–2013
    Research Intern (Robotics and Information Theory), CSIRO
  • 2012–2012
    Research Associate (Data Mining and Machine Learning), Hunter Medical Research Institute
  • 2010–2012
    Casual Academic, The University of Newcastle


  • 2012 
    The University of Newcastle, Bachelor of Engineering (Computer, Hons) with University Medal
  • 2012 
    The University of Newcastle, Bachelor of Computer Science


  • 2014,

Research Areas

  • Adaptive Agents And Intelligent Robotics (080101)
  • Control Systems, Robotics And Automation (090602)
  • Knowledge Representation And Machine Learning (170203)
  • Pattern Recognition And Data Mining (080109)
  • Optimisation (010303)
  • Computer Vision (080104)
  • Artificial Intelligence And Image Processing (0801)
  • Systems Biology (060114)
  • Computational Linguistics (200402)