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I am a systems biology and machine learning researcher from the small country town of Muswellbrook, Australia. I am currently undertaking my Ph.D in Systems and Computational Biology at the University of Melbourne, after completing my double bachelor and honours degrees in engineering and computer science at the University of Newcastle in 2012. My current research is conducted in partnership the NICTA Victorian Research Laboratory, and I have previously held research positions with the CSIRO ICT Centre, Hunter Medical Research Institute and the University of Newcastle’s Interdisciplinary Machine Learning Research Group.

I am currently employed as a casual academic at the University of Melbourne and held an equivalent position at the University of Newcastle from 2010 until completing my undergraduate and honours degrees in late 2012. Much of my previous research has focused on the areas of computer vision, machine learning and robotics, and I have been an active contributor to the RoboCup initiative in Istanbul 2011 and Mexico 2012 (as a member of the University of Newcastle’s NUbots), and more recently Eindhoven 2013 (as a member of CSIRO’s Gliders).