Dejan Stojanovic

Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian National University

The endangered Swift Parrot (Lathamus discolor) is declining throughout its range in the south-eastern Australia and habitat loss and fragmentation is the most likely cause. The ability of land managers to respond to this decline is severely hampered by lack of knowledge about swift parrot movements and population ecology. How changes to habitat availability and quality have impacted on the populations of Swift Parrots has not been measured. My research focuses on key demographic indicators to assess the viability of populations of these birds. Our research group at the ANU is interested in how the distribution of resources across the landscape influences the movements and survival of these birds. We are researching why Swift Parrots move, where they go, how they get there, and most importantly, what the consequences of these movements are for their survival and long term extinction risk.


  • 2013–present
    PhD Candidate, Australian National University