Professor & Deputy Director, National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University

Professor Dennis Gray is a Deputy Director at the National Drug Research Institute at Curtin University, and a leader of the Institute’s Aboriginal Research Program. He is an eminent researcher in this area and has a long history of conducting collaborative research with Aboriginal community-controlled organisations. Professor Gray has published extensively on Aboriginal substance misuse issues and has been invited to give presentations on his research in various national and international forums. His most recent work has focused upon the provision of alcohol and other drug services and on enhancing options for the management of alcohol- and cannabis-related problems in Aboriginal community-controlled health services. His research has had demonstrable outcomes at the national, state/territory and regional/local levels. He is a member of the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee, his research team was awarded the 2006 National Alcohol and Drug Award for Excellence in Research, and in 2010 – in recognition of his significant contribution to the alcohol and other drugs field – he was named on the National Drug and Alcohol Honour Roll.


  • 1992–present
    Professor, National Drug Research Institute


  • 1982 
    University of Hawaii, PhD - Medical Anthropology
  • 1980 
    University of Hawaii, MPH - International Health
  • 1978 
    University of Western Australia, MA - Anthropology
  • 1974 
    University of Western Australia, BA - Anthropology & History


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2010 National Drug and Alcohol Award - Significant contribution to the reduction of harms from alcohol and other drug use.