Doctoral Candidate in Education, University of Bath

My research is into the role of knowledge claims in education policy since 1988. My broad view is that ideas of the political centre-right have over time tended to displace, and seek to delegitimise, previously dominant ideas in education which emerged from the left. For example, I am particularly interested in how policy dialogue this century has tended towards presenting education in economic terms, even when some key notions such as Human Capital Theory appear to have increasingly weak evidential underpinning. Also prominent in contemporary dialogue is a virtually positivistic approach to science as it might apply to education, which seeks to undermine arguments from social construction. This latter trend seems to me to stand outside the presently dominant centre-right tradition.


  • 2016–2019
    Doctoral Candidate, Education, University of Bath


  • 1995 
    Keele University, MBA (Education)
  • 1994 
    Bath University, MA (Education)
  • 1987 
    Brunel University, PGCE
  • 1986 
    Stirling University, BA Religious Studies


  • 1999
    Now's The Hour, The Fabian Society
  • 1997
    Arms and The Man, The Fabian Society