Lecturer / Researcher, University of Canberra

Faye Miller is a researcher in information science studying how people interact with and experience many different forms of information and knowledge in physical and digital spaces.

The goal of her research is to use a range of qualitative approaches such as ethnography, grounded theory, filmmaking and conversation analysis to gain a better understanding and increased empathy for various human experiences associated with interacting with information for positive growth and development. This can allow people to design more effective human-centered environments, such as in education, health, communications, technology and other areas of life.

Faye is also Lecturer in Information and Knowledge Management and Convenor for Professional Practice and Research Projects in the Master of Information Studies (Online) course, University of Canberra, Australia. Faye holds a PhD in information ecology (QUT), a Masters degree in information and knowledge management and a Bachelor degree in history, psychology and literature (screenwriting and film studies).

In 2016, Faye released her first documentary short film as producer and co-writer/editor - 'Imaginative Storytelling Experiences' - an Australian-UK collaboration with director Claire Stevens and crew from Falmouth University, Cornwall. The doc explores the experiences shared between storyteller and audience towards encouraging lifelong imaginations including personas, dreamscapes, relating, improvising and countercultures.

The film features interviews with well-respected British storyteller and writer Sir Tony Robinson and a collection of his original audience members across the UK and Australia, as they revisited his 1980s children's program 'Tales from Fat Tulip's Garden' in Epping Forest, London. The film can be viewed here: http://isedoc.net

During her PhD, she spent time collaborating on research at San Jose State University, California and writing / editorial work for information architecture publications in San Francisco. Prior to her PhD, Faye worked at Charles Sturt University for 8 years in various roles including sessional lecturer, research assistant, journal editorial coordinator and research development officer where she was Team Leader for research grant development across a multi-campus university.

Faye's research has been published in several international journals such as Journal of Documentation (UK), Information Research (Sweden), Journal of Education in Library and Information Science (US), Journal of Further and Higher Education (UK), Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (Canada), Library and Information Science Research (US), Global Ethnographic (UK) and Australian Academic and Research Libraries.

Faye's first book Producing Shared Understanding for Digital and Social Innovation will be published with Palgrave Macmillan in 2020.

Visit her homepage here: http://fayeqmiller.net


  • 2015–present
    Lecturer / Researcher, University of Canberra


  • 2020 
    University of Canberra, Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
  • 2014 
    Queensland University of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy
  • 2007 
    Charles Sturt University, Master of Applied Science
  • 2002 
    Charles Sturt University, Bachelor of Arts


  • 2020
    Producing shared understanding for digital and social innovation, Palgrave Macmillan
  • 2019
    Encountering relatable information in experiential learning spaces, Journal of Documentation
  • 2019
    Everyday life information experiences in Twitter, Information Research
  • 2017
    When immersive journalism met open ethnography, Global Ethnographic
  • 2017
    How academic librarians experience evidence-based practice: A grounded theory model, Library and Information Science Research
  • 2016
    Designing informal learning experiences for early career academics using a knowledge ecosystem model, Journal of Further and Higher Education
  • 2015
    Experiencing information use for early career academics' learning: a knowledge ecosystem model, Journal of Documentation
  • 2014
    Exploring the digital information experiences of ethnographers, Global Ethnographic
  • 2013
    Researching user experience: A knowledge ecology model, Boxes and Arrows
  • 2011
    Social interaction and the role of empathy in information and knowledge management: A literature review, Journal of Education for Library and Information Science

Research Areas

  • Human Information Behaviour (080703)
  • Social And Community Informatics (080709)
  • Learning Sciences (130309)
  • Higher Education (130103)
  • Business Information Management (Incl. Records, Knowledge And Information Management, And Intelligence) (150301)
  • Research, Science And Technology Policy (160511)
  • Performing Arts And Creative Writing Not Elsewhere Classified (190499)
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