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Professor in Earth Systems Science, University of Sheffield

I became the Chair in Earth Systems Science at Sheffield in 2003 and served as Head of Department from 2006-2012. I currently lecture on oceanography and polar environments.

The common theme to all my research until recently has been marine climate change. However, many threads contribute to this theme. A major thread is the use, and development, of ocean circulation models to understand climate change on scales from global and millennial to local and sub-monthly. I use a combination of models and remote sensing, with interpreting oceanographic and lower atmospheric data, to increase our understanding of the climatic interaction between the atmosphere and ocean. I use iceberg trajectories to study glacial freshwater inputs to modern and Quaternary oceans.

My primary focii of recent years can be divided into the global thermohaline circulation, icebergs and tropical climate change. More recently, however, there has begun to be an increased emphasis on the role environmental change plays in society.


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    Professor in Earth Systems Science, University of Sheffield


Gordon Manley Prize of the Royal Meteorological Society, 2004