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Jacob Eriksson

Teaching Fellow in Middle Eastern Politics at University of York

Jacob joined the Department in October 2012. He was awarded his PhD by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, in October 2011. His thesis was entitled 'Swedish mediation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: a study of the utility of small-state mediation and Track II diplomacy.'

Jacob's research focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and conflict resolution, particularly the diplomacy of mediation, and the wider Arab-Israeli conflict. More broadly, his research interests include Middle Eastern politics and security, the development of radical and political Islam, and the 'war on terror'.

He is currently developing his PhD thesis into a book, looking at the role of Sweden as a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He is also finishing a journal article on the failure of American mediation during the Oslo process, which examines the success of alternative mediation strategies and what this means for an American role in the peace process.

Future projects on the horizon include a re-assessment of Israeli security policy in light of the ongoing occupation of the West Bank, an analysis of the failed Olmert-Abbas negotiations following the Annapolis conference, and a study of Swedish overtures to engage in dialogue with Hamas.